Betty Hoeffner is the co-founder and CEO of Hey U.G.L.Y. She is the author of STOP BULLYING HANDBOOK-A GUIDE FOR STUDENTS & THEIR FRIENDS, DEAL FEEL HEAL-KEYS TO UNDERSTANDING AND HEALING EMOTIONAL PAIN, and HUE-MAN KIND-A BOOK TO END RACISM. Hoeffner is a keynote speaker at anti-bullying conferences and resource for the media including national programs like the Steve Harvey Show. She created, and facilitates, Hey U.G.L.Y.’s Stop Bullying Boot Camps, Hue-Man Kind Art Projects, and the DEAL FEEL HEAL-Emotional Healing Program for youth. She developed and wrote the highly-effective Stop Bullying Task Force Program™ in use at schools across the country and in Canada. The Stop Bullying Task Force Program enables schools to set up student-run stop bullying teams to deal with bullying situations and maintain an environment of respect, acceptance and inclusion throughout the school year. She created Bullying Bystanders Unite, Project Apologize, Cyberbullied Unite, Laughtercising(tm), SEEIT and the Stop Self-Bullying & Love Yourself Enough Campaign. She created and hosts a weekly radio show on WRHC-FM called CHOOSE TO CHANGE™. Together with teen DJ’s, the world-wide streamlng show features songs and singer/songwriters whose lyrics inspire positive self-esteem, diversity, a healthy planet, peace and/or never giving up. Hoeffner was bullied and was a bully when she was in school and as a young adult. She knows both sides of the bullying equation and understands what it takes to stand up for yourself and others. She has helped many youth across the world through her website and school assemblies featuring celebrity presenters. Content on the website, and in the assemblies have been saving the lives of youth who are suicidal because of being bullied. This former public relations expert, whose advice is featured in the book 303 Marketing Tips, developed a teen grooming program for Supercuts; a teen safe driving program for Precision Tune Auto Care; and a social studies project to educate students about our electoral process for Willy Wonka Brands’ NERDS candy. While serving as partner at FTF, she helped develop a program teaching students the importance of team spirit and exercise to counter the obesity epidemic. She is also executive producer of the award-winning film, “Things You Should Know Before Entering the Hospital.”

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