Season 2 - Episode 10: Beginning to Examine the Structures of Racism in Corporate America


December 2nd, 2020

43 mins 22 secs

Season 2

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Back in June, Harvard Business Review published the following fact.
"From 1619 to 1965, this country had laws, policies, and practices — from slavery to Jim Crow to redlining — that legally separated white and Black people in an attempt to maintain a white supremacist society. The inhumanity required for people to function in such a society — to dehumanize others and be dehumanized — has left its mark on our nation and, by extension, our organizations in innumerable ways." - Ben Hecht

A few of the most common ways we see it are in hiring, compensation, and advancement, and retention. We know these because of all of the "diversity & inclusion" programs set in place in companies across America. However, there are many silent systems that often go undetected that keep the status quo.

Not only is our guest today actively working to help organizations address these structures, he actively works to address them in his own organization. Scott Hoesman is the Founder of Inquest Consulting, a consulting organization that helps individuals, teams, and organizations think, lead, and interact inclusively. Scott has been doing this work for 23 years. Before COVID Scott dedicated 40% of his time with Global leaders helping global leaders understand how Diversity and Inclusion thinking can transform their organizations.

Go ahead and listen. It's delicious, I promise.