Episode 10: From Military Service to Civilian Life with Greg Jenkins


August 19th, 2020

48 mins 24 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

I'm a proud supporter of our troops and vets, in fact, I have very close loved ones who have served in the military. No matter which branch they serve in, they do a great service in both America and countries abroad. The military has a substantial presence in our lives and whether we are conscious of it or not, they have a brand that conveys that the military is a family, career, a proud institution. No matter our individual impressions of military life, we automatically believe that by joining that we will be granted access to things like:

  • A guaranteed paycheck and Cash Bonuses
  • Education Benefits
  • Advanced and Specialty Training
  • Travel
  • Option for full-time or part-time service
  • Health and Dental Care
  • Special home loans and discounts
  • Highly sought-after skills, leadership, and training experience

And it’s true. All of these benefits and more are afforded to you via a career in the military. However, not all vets are the same, and not all that serve are career military service members. That is why this topic is so important. Signing your employment contract with the US military could be a great opportunity or a grave disappointment if you don’t truly understand the realities of military life.

Our guest today Greg Jenkins is the Founder & CEO of Greg Jenkins Consulting, 28+ years of US Army Service, Retired Sergeant Major, Diversity & Inclusion practitioner, life-long learner. He has committed to helping both military and prospective military service members better understand the opportunities provided by the military and supporting members and families transition back into civilian life.

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LinkedIn - https://www.linkedin.com/in/gregjenkinsconsulting/
Twitter - @GregBJenkins

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