Hindsight is 2020 - Season Two Has Come to An End


December 28th, 2020

20 mins 46 secs

Season 2

Your Host

About this Episode

2020 has been a year like no other year in the history of our nation. It brought with its pandemics a huge weight upon our bodies, hearts, minds, and spirits. Is it any wonder that people are dying in their spirits even if they aren't dying in their bodies? We see this clearly in the rising evidence of mental instability in ourselves and others.

As we wrap up this season I do hope that despite how hard 2020 has been for us all, that you felt empowered by the guest featured on each and every episode of season two. My hope was that we would acknowledge the problems and pains and provide pathways to healing, and to joy.

So I thank YOU! I thank you for listening, sharing, and applying what you have learned from these last two seasons. I look forward to connecting with you again, in season three of The Delicious Truth. As always, there is a hug in your future, if you want one!

  • XOXO Glo