I have over 20 years of internal and external consulting experience assisting organizations “create environments where people can and will do their best.” I use my educational background of psychology and education and professional expertise in organizational development and human resources to identify and align organizational, departmental, management and individual visions, missions, goals and measures. I am respected and valued by clients for helping people at all levels of the organization clarify their vision and develop practical, real-world strategies, processes and skills to make that vision a reality while empowering and holding all staff accountable. Primary training, education and development work include the following subject areas: leadership, management and supervision, diversity, performance management, team building and performance coaching at all levels. My experience and style – bottom-line thinking with an respectful approach – have helped her leverage her accomplishments as a master trainer and executive coach for the mutual benefit and gain of organizations, teams and individual contributors.

Specialties: * Design and conduct cultural and employee assessments (focus groups, interviews and surveys);

Gloria Cotton has hosted 39 Episodes.