Episode 12: Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder (PTSD) Part II


September 2nd, 2020

42 mins 52 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

2020 has brought about a lot of loss. And loss, especially unexpected loss can be traumatic. As if America wasn’t already fraught with social issues, COVID-19 has further shed light on our challenges. In the last episode, we broke down the root of slavery as it existed in America.

Let’s recap the definition of slavery:
Someone is in slavery if:
forced to work – through coercion, or mental or physical threat;
trapped and controlled by an ’employer’, through mental or physical abuse or the threat of abuse;
physically constrained or have restrictions placed on their freedom of movement;

In this episode, we’ll go deeper and explore the existence of slavery in various forms, all over the world. Forced marriage, also known as child marriage, Child slavery, Human trafficking, Debt Bondage, and so much more, contributes to the underbelly of societies across the world. 50% of all slave labor is performed by minors! Our children are the future. What do you think they will produce under these conditions?

"The child who is not embraced by the village will burn it down to feel it's warmth." - African Proverb