Season 2 - Episode 7: Searching for AND in a World of OR


November 11th, 2020

44 mins 37 secs

Season 2

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About this Episode

Humans seem to be obsessed with labels. The idea that you look at a certain pronoun, assign it a proper label which comes with a certain definition. With these labels and definitions we expect that these pronouns would mostly adhere to their respective labels. It’s either this OR that. Rarely do we accept pronouns that are this label and AND something else.

Women are this, men are that. Cats are like this, dogs are like that. Americans are this, Africans are that. Christians are this, Atheist are that. People of color are this, white people are that. Any behavior or label in addition to the predetermined label being added is “Unnatural.” And you know how people treat things deemed unnatural.

The fascinating thing about this behavior is that humans are constantly evolving and there is so much left to be discovered in the world. What we know about any given thing today is limited to now. That is why labels are such a problem. They are severely limited to whatever was known at the time that the label and subsequent definition was assigned.

The result has led us to two kinds of people. Those of us who fight to ensure that “natural” is protected and those of us who fight to challenge what it means to be natural. I think what is better than fighting is embracing “AND,” and leaving behind “OR.”

If we only acknowledged the fact that nothing is an absolute we can embrace the limitless possibilities for any and everything. On this episode our guest knows first hand what it means to live within one's labels and to test the boundaries but not shedding them but adding to them.

David has extensive experience strategically partnering with individuals, teams, and organizations to heighten effectiveness by enhancing communication and deepening understanding of the legal, financial, cultural, and/or dynamic issues at play.

Please join us as he shares his journey in searching for AND in a World of OR.