Season 3 - Episode 2: Privilege, Leveraging Your Advantages for The Highest Good


August 3rd, 2021

31 mins 2 secs

Season 3

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About this Episode

The word privilege has become such a negative word in today's society. However, privilege itself isn't bad, what makes privilege bad is what you decide to do with it. You can be born into having the privilege of being financially stable or wealthy, however if you use such privilege to help those around you, then you are using your privilege as a tool to better the world, you are using it to give individuals the opportunity to obtain their own privilege that they might have been denied if you hadn't help them. We can only be aware of our privileges if we analyze them and admit to ourselves that we enjoy these privileges. Only then can we use it to help others.

In this episode, we will discuss ways we can analyze our privilege and what we can do to convert them into a leveraging tool to get one step closer to equality.