Episode 11: Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder (PTSD) with Brandies Mevaa


August 26th, 2020

45 mins 38 secs

Season 1

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About this Episode

We are in a state of unrest. Unrest has occupied us, and I mean all of us. Whether you are black, white, rich, or poor, to be human is to be connected to one another and we are all in a state of unrest, and this unrest is a substantial barrier to joy.

In America, we have a deep problem with division. Labels and hierarchies are established to keep the system going, in favor of the favored. These systems and supports for that system were established long before Mr. Columbus rediscovered America, OKAY! Yet, we still pay into the hands of those who benefit from the inequity, division, and dehumanization of our brothers and sisters.

Slavery is a CaseStudy on how this system works. You see slavery has always been driven by economics and managed by emotions. The rich get richer and the poor get poorer because the rich keep them that way. Why? Riches = power. They weaponized emotions and mind control to leverage fear.

Survivors of American slavery are still affected by the most brilliantly diabolical manipulation of minds and hearts for profit and gain ever. That is called Post Traumatic Slavery Disorder (PTSD). Join me and Brandies Mevaa and we set the table for a hearty course on slavery and all that is leaves in its wake.